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Emily Chi brings the best Vietnam products to the whole world


Earned the title Ms Confident Shining in Ms Business International 2019 pageant hold in the Philippines, Emily Chi has more than that in her small beautiful figure as the CEO of ECJ Interbiz with the passion to bring the best Vietnam products to the whole world.

Ms Confident Shining - Emily Chi

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With her knowledge, experience and passion, Emily established ECJ Interbiz - an export and import company - to supply a variety of products including fashion clothes, shoes, and bag; anti-aging and beauty care products; especially fresh seafood, organic vegetables; as well as all types of noodles, brewed coffee, and coffee beans. To stay up to date with the technology in the Industry 4.0, gaining access to the new markets for business management software is ECJ’s focus for the upcoming business plans.

Official Logo of ECJ Company Interbiz

Emily Chi wants to focus on exploring other environment-friendly products to replace plastic. One of ECJ's products is rice straws which are made from rice. Rice straws have become more and more popular in both local and international markets.

Rice Straws

Ms Confident Shining - Emily Chi

Vietnam is the home of agriculture with big fields, producing approximately 730.000 tons of fruit, more than 3.000 tons of seafood, and about 2.000.000 tons of coffee every year. This is a huge source for exporting.

Vietnam economy has experienced rapid growth, with the annual GDP growth rate of about 2.590USD, which has made Vietnam a destination for investment from other foreign countries. Therefore, this is the right time to expedite the export market exploration.

Grabbing this opportunity, Emily Chi is expanding the exporting activities. At the same time, ECJ will never stop improving to adapt well to the new market conditions and hope to fulfill its mission of bringing Vietnam products to the world.

Ms Confident Shining - Emily Chi

Many consumers in Vietnam have to go oversea to buy good quality products. This is a good chance for ECJ to meet this demand by bringing the best products from the world to Vietnam. ECJ has formed partnership with big and modern factories, and therefore, Emily Chi can commit to importing and delivering the best products to our customers.

Desiring to affirm our brand and product reputation, as well as put our customers’ interests first, ECJ commits to only exporting certified products. Quality is confirmed through each product, each market and is always rigorously tested to guarantee the product quality as well as ensure that there are no pesticide residues in our products, aiming to build a world without plastic.

With a clear goal for the upcoming years, Emily Chi and ECJ's employees have worked hard towards their mission and great vision.

Ms Confident Shining - Emily Chi

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